Meet Licensed Professional Counselor Cindy Noland 

Hello there. You don't need to know much about me, except how I can help you. I have studied and provided therapy for going on 9 years. My approach is gentle, warm, and humor often finds its way into the session.
I work to be trustworthy and present with you, listening carefully and connecting.

More about me

I have found in my own therapy journey that there were unresolved parts inside me that stood in the way of who I wanted to be. This is where we find the work. Carl Jung called it the "Shadow Self."

Our journey together

It takes courage to journey into one's vulnerabilities. It's a private place. I'd be privileged to accompany you. I'll help you stay safely on your path — determined by your goals — and we'll develop your strengths along the way.

My vibes

I'm a life-long learner, and I'm passionate about health, nature, music and art. But I'm most passionate about my two kitties, The Outlaw Rex and Little Liza Jane.