About You

My ideal client is someone who has struggled in and out of therapy, sometimes even hospitals. You've been given different diagnoses, and they're scary. You have a supportive family, who want to help you get better no matter what -- but they may not be aware of the damage they have done. You'd do anything to have real, lasting change.

You should know that there's never been a better time to be in therapy, but you must choose your therapist carefully.

They should, like we at RESOLVE, be versed in all of the scientific breakthroughs in brain science of recent decades, as well as the latest theories. We are those therapists you've been looking for. In our office, you will experience warmth and comfort. More importantly, our advanced, science-based work will bring you rapid relief, and we'll stay the course with you to resolve every symptom, preparing you for a starring role on your
life's stage.

Our specialties include complex trauma (trauma beginning in childhood), dissociative disorders, dissociative identity disorder, panic disorder, anxiety, addiction, and so much more. Contact us for a free consultation at 737-471-9697.