There's never been a better time to be in therapy. Welcome to the scientific breakthrough of ETT®

Because ETT® is brain science, it has applications in so many areas:

- Depression, Anxiety, Sadness    - Chronic Pain

- Childhood and recent traumas   - Immune Disorders

- Couples/Family Counseling         - COVID Symptoms

- Frustration at work                      - Creativity and Goals

- Troubling repetitive behaviours, previously referred to as Addictions

- Body Image issues                        - Executive functions

- Dissociative Disorders, including Dissociative Identity Disorder

Not on the list? Ask me about it in our free telephone consultation - 737-471-9697.

At RESOLVE therapy, I practice Emotional Transformation Therapy® (ETT®), a groundbreaking form of psychotherapy that combines talk therapy with color and light for deep, often rapid results. It can relieve emotional distress within seconds, resolve emotions holding you back, and produce states of extreme well-being.

ETT® is non-invasive. The tools we use require only your eyes, no electrodes or needles. You experience light, color and flicker together with expert talk therapy and support. Light and color are forces, energies measured in Hertz (hZ), taken in by the eyes and processed in all areas of the brain and body. We're only beginning to discover the many healing properties of light, and no light therapy is more advanced that ETT. When properly employed with a licensed mental health professional, ETT® targets disrupted neural pathways and nerves throughout the body, that are activated by discussing your feelings about the problem.

We combine ETT® with proven methods of therapeutic relationship, for a well-rounded, very personal experience. Are you ready to get better and not settle for just coping skills and endless years of therapy expenses? We don't have to use ETT® in our sessions, but I'd hate for you to miss out.