Individual Therapy

Addiction Recovery Support

I am trained in modern as well as classic methods for addressing addiction. Even if you have been through treatment already, I can support you as you learn to navigate your path through life without returning to an addiction.

Depth Psychotherapy/Sand Tray Therapy

I combine mindfulness methods with a journey to the unconscious, to get at the core concepts that create unhelpful patterns in your life. They can be healed, with consistent attention.

Childhood Issues

Messages which cause us difficulty in feeling good and achieving our goals are created in childhood. The inner child holds these issues and can also set you free.

Couples Counseling

Couples often develop a set of patterns over the same issues which keep them feeling stuck and unfulfilled. Couples therapy will help you slow down the communication, and eliminate what isn't helpful. Let go of power struggles and rediscover fun and intimacy in your relationship.

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