Individual Therapy

Troubling Excessive Behaviors

If you have troubles with substance abuse, excessive sex or porno, out of control eating or spending, or other troubling behavior, ETT has a protocol for effective treatment of these brain-based pleasure dysfunctions. 

Trauma/Complex Trauma/Dissociative Disorders

With a tender touch and proven protocol, we'll work through the darkness and crevices of what harmed you. We have a special interest in Dissociative Identity Disorder.

Family of Origin Issues/Attachment Wounds

Messages which cause us difficulty in feeling good and achieving our goals are created in childhood. The inner child holds these issues and can also set you free.

Couples Counseling

Couples often develop a set of patterns over the same issues which keep them feeling stuck and unfulfilled. Couples therapy will help you slow down the communication, and eliminate what isn't helpful. Let go of power struggles and rediscover fun and intimacy in your relationship.