Attachment Styles

An almost 70-year history informs us that very early in life, we determine how we will interact in relationships. By determining and working with your personal attachment style, you can get more of what you want.


There are pieces from multiple approaches that will benefit you. I will integrate them seamlessly and you'll benefit from the entire wisdom of our profession, past and present.


ETT is just the start of the wonderful evidence-based theories I will draw from. Genetics and deeper exploration of the nervous system provides a body and brain connection in my approach.

Complex Trauma

I have a heart that reaches out to those who grew up in trauma. This is my greatest specialty. I have studied dissociative disorders, including dissociative identity disorder. There is much hope with treatment.


We all have a need to feel connected and purposed. This is what I call the spirit, and there are many ways to increase those feelings that will resonate with you.