"The handling of the material of the Self enables you to take the stage." - Martha Graham

I love the deeper things. Taking my cue from Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell, I developed the belief that therapy is "the hero's journey". The hero I speak of is you. It takes courage to journey into one's own vulnerabilities. We've been taught that it's dangerous and dark, a "forest of no return." 

In this inner place you will encounter the "beasts" that hold you back, and triumph over them. I would be privileged to accompany you on that journey, keeping you safe on your path -- determined by your goals -- and collecting your strengths along the way. I'll bring my training, tools, intuition, and high regard for you, to prepare you for a starring role on
your life's stage. 

My most popular therapeutic tool is Emotional Transformation Therapy® (ETT®), a multi-modal neuroscience theory that you may learn all about here.

In talk therapy, I take an integrative approach, with expertise in psychodynamic psychotherapy, developmental psychology, and family of origin work. I often blend in creative therapies as well. 

I specialize in working with couples as well as individuals. With couples, I focus on communication -- slowing it down, and working with the emotions behind issues. 

All are welcome in my comfortable therapy room, including any culture, LGBTQ+, and non-binary. I work to constantly suspend any preconceived notions and follow your truth, with unconditional positive regard and support.