Resolving troubling emotions opens so many doors for the body, mind and soul.

I love the deeper things. Taking my cue from Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell, I developed the belief that therapy is "the hero's journey". The hero I speak of is you. It takes courage to journey into one's own vulnerabilities. We've been taught that it's dangerous and dark, a "forest of no return." We may be trying to suppress or manage our emotions. 

In this inner place you will encounter the "beasts" that hold you back, and triumph over them. I would be privileged to accompany you on that journey, keeping you safe on your path -- determined by your goals -- and collecting your strengths along the way. I'll bring my training, tools, intuition, and high regard for you, to prepare you for a starring role on your life's stage. 

My most popular therapeutic tool is Emotional Transformation Therapy┬« (ETT┬«), a multi-modal neuroscience theory that uses 
color and light to resolve troubling emotions. It is often rapid in its effectiveness

In talk therapy, I take an integrative approach, with expertise in psychodynamic psychotherapy, developmental psychology, and family of origin work. 

All are welcome in my comfortable therapy room, including any culture, LGBTQ+, and non-binary. I work to constantly become aware of and suspend any preconceived notions and follow your truth, with unconditional positive regard and support.